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Founder Tess O’Brien to Speak at Renewable Energy Markets Conference

CleanPowerPerks Founder Tess O’Brien has been selected to speak on the “Marketing Renewable Energy to Mainstream Americans” panel at the annual Renewable Energy Markets Conference. This year’s conference will be held September 22 – 24 in Austin, Texas.

Marketing Renewable Energy to Mainstream Americans

Panel Description: How green power marketing can scale up to entice consumers. Messaging that works when engaging the traditional consumer. Best practices for bringing renewable energy to consumers through the products they purchase and activities they participate in with leaders in the green marketing space.


    • Adele Bihn, Data Marketing Inc. (Moderator)
    • Mitch Baranowski, BBMG
    • Tess O’Brien, CleanPowerPerks
    • Laura Pagliarulo, Washington Gas Energy Services

The full agenda can be found here.

The Renewable Energy Markets Conference is an industry conference hosted annually by the Center for Resource Solutions.