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We reward clean energy customers and help them
discover businesses + brands that use clean power, too.

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Because you’re a clean energy customer, ProviderX has signed you up for free CleanPowerPerks membership!

Bookmark this page – this is where you’ll login to CleanPowerPerks.

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About Your CPP Membership

CleanPowerPerks is a program specifically designed for clean energy customers like you.  Both we and ProviderX believe you should be rewarded for consciously choosing clean energy, so we’re giving you perks at clean-powered businesses across the country.  That’s right – your membership includes perks at local businesses, national brands, web-based stores and small businesses across the country that all use clean power, just like you.

You’ll need your unique CPP Member ID to activate your account. ProviderX has already sent this information to you, or you can call them to get it.


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