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Learn About Clean Energy

Solar, wind, low-impact hydro, geothermal, biogas, landfill gas, water… Our energy sources of today. And tomorrow.

Clean power is healthier and safer for us and our environment than traditional energy sources. It also benefits our economy and brings greater security and energy independence. Fossil fuels cause pollution not just through the process of creating energy, but also when extracting the resources (think mountain-top removal for coal, fracking for natural gas, drilling for oil – yeah, it’s ugly). The sun, wind and water are effectively limitless resources that are readily available, clean resources that cost nothing to access.

Providers_Slide-01The short version:

  • Fossil fuels are bad for us, renewable energy is good for us
  • If you haven’t opted-in for clean energy, the large majority of your electricity probably comes from dirty energy sources (sources vary by region)
  • If you opt for clean energy, you’ll be doing something really good – and we’ll reward you.

The long(er) version:

Unfortunately, only about 5% of our nation’s electricity comes from a these renewable energy resources (according to the Energy Information Association and not including low-impact hydro), in part because of weak national standards. But leading scientists agree that clean energy resources can meet 80% of our energy needs. Legislation can make this happen, but unfortunately there is no national energy policy in place requiring that (though there are some state policies). Until there is significant national policy, individuals and organizations across the country can work to change that by opting for clean power in their homes and businesses. By doing so, this community will create more demand for cleaner energy resources – getting us to a higher percent renewable energy quicker than if we just wait for legislation.

But my electricity usage is so small, it won’t make a difference.”

Not true! Residential electricity usage in the US accounts for 37% of all electricity usage (EIA). While we each have a small part of that pie, the only way for us to make a dent is if we all take responsibility for our power.

Why doesn’t my utility do this?”

They do, to the extent they’re required. 29 states, DC and 2 territories have some type of state renewable portfolio standard. Want to learn about your state’s renewable energy standards?  Visit DSIRE for more details.

Fossil fuels are largely responsible for the unnaturally high levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (the cause of climate change). We are seeing the effects of climate change today – extreme storms, droughts, increased occurrences of allergies and asthma, wildfires, (the list goes on and on). In order to reverse the damage CO2 has caused, we need to stop using fossil fuels and grow our use of clean energy sources. By accepting the standard electricity and not choosing a cleaner option, you are (dare we say it) contributing to some of these awful impacts. Because when it comes to electricity, it’s pretty simple: if it isn’t clean, it’s dirty. (There’s something dirty about each non-renewable energy resource.)

Opting for clean energy makes a big difference, which is why we’re here! We got started because we believe that people, businesses and organizations that are voluntarily choosing clean energy deserve to be rewarded. And we’re working to do just that. Learn more about how CleanPowerPerksTM works.

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