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Frequently Asked Questions

Clean Energy FAQs

What does it mean to use clean energy?

Using clean energy doesn’t necessarily mean putting a windmill or solar panels on your roof (though it can)! It can also mean making a simple switch to your electric bill so that your share of the electricity used by the electric grid comes from a cleaner, better source than it otherwise would. It means that you are ensuring that your portion of electricity generated in the US isn’t sourced from dirty energy sources that pollute our air – rather it’ll come from the wind, sun, water and waste. Click “Start Here” to explore your clean energy options and find out which one is best for you.

Why should I choose clean power?

Everyone has a different reason. You should choose clean power if you want: clean air, safe drinking water, a healthy planet for your children, to do your part to fight climate change, national energy independence, more predictable long-term energy prices, want to create jobs – the list goes on and on. We all have different reasons, but that diversity is what make our clean-powered collective so special! Be proud of your power; live clean.

How much will this really cost?

The cost is a set price per kWh of electricity that you use. The average CT household uses 700 kWh per month, which translates to the cost shown in each pricing table above. You can calculate your actual cost by multiplying the kWh from your monthly electric bills by the price per kWh listed above. This will give you a better sense for your home, but the actual price will fluctuate from month-to-month as your usage changes (which typically happens seasonally). If you see a significant change in the cost of your electric bill without a big jump in kWh, it’s likely caused by the base price of your electricity – something your utility can help you with. The price of your clean power option will not change without you being notified by your clean power option.

Why should I pay more?

Paying more is only temporary! Eventually, when we have a lot more clean energy providing our nation’s electricity needs, it won’t be necessary for people to pay more for a clean power option. How do we get there sooner? By getting more people to sign up now! So tell your friends to join as well. In an effort to say thank you for choosing clean power, together with our Member Brand + Businesses, we’re offering you special perks to offset the added cost of clean power. Once you sign up you’ll get discounts and other deals that add up to savings. Live clean, love perks.

Why does it matter if I use clean energy?

Good question. While it often feels like each of us only plays a very small part, together those little bits add up to a significant number. Residential electricity usage in the US accounts for 17% of our nation’s energy needs*. That’s a pretty big number. If most of us consciously choose clean power, together we can make a big difference. Be in the majority + be proud of your power. If it isn’t clean, it’s dirty.

*Source: Energy Information Administration

Will my electricity be interrupted at all?

No! These clean power options all work through the electric grid, ensuring reliable service. Because all electricity through the grid is mixed, it’s impossible to direct specific electrons to a specific home. Rather, your share of the electricity used from the grid is sourced from clean energy.

Perk FAQs

What are perks?

Perks are discounts + opportunities from clean-powered brands, offered exclusively for CleanPowerPerks Members.

They’re rolled out monthly and announced by email and social media.

The value of each month’s perks pack is greater than the average green power premium for Americans (between $2.50 and $10.00 / month), helping to offset the cost of clean energy.

*based on data from the Energy Information Administration and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

How do I get a CleanPowerPerks membership?

You have to use clean energy, of course! Click “Start Here” to find out how.

If you already use clean energy (awesome), contact your clean energy provider for your invitation and to get your unique activation code.

When do I get my perks?

We’re happy you asked! As soon as you finish signing up above, we’ll connect with your chosen clean power provider to get you enrolled. Once that’s confirmed, we’ll send you an email telling you that your CleanPowerPerks Membership has been confirmed – then it’s up to you to log in + redeem your perks!

What if I have more questions?

Did we miss a question you’re wondering about? Chances are if you’re wondering, then someone else is, too. Don’t hesitate to email us at hello@cleanpowerperks.com.
We’d love to hear from you!