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We reward clean energy customers and help them
discover businesses + brands that use clean power, too.

Welcome Community Energy Customers

Community Energy thinks you deserve to be rewarded for choosing clean energy!

CleanPowerPerks is the web-based program that connects clean-powered businesses with like-minded people + rewards them for consciously choosing clean energy. Everyone wins. Because you’re a Community Energy customer, you’ll get special deals + discounts at businesses and brands, locally and online, that use clean power too. Activate your account to start redeeming your perks!  You’ll need your unique CleanPowerPerks activation code to sign up (included in your invite from Community Energy).   Didn’t get that email?  Contact Community Energy for your unique code at info@communityenergyinc.com or 866.946.3123.

Having Trouble? You can always email members@cleanpowerperks.com for support.


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