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We reward clean energy customers and help them
discover businesses + brands that use clean power, too.

Businesses (Small/Local)

Local Businesses:
Connecting You with Like-Minded Customers!


CleanPowerPerks is a collective of people, businesses + brands that support clean power. And, in turn, support one another! 
We connect local businesses that care about clean energy with like-minded customers who want to #shopclean – delivering you a high quality consumer audience that will become your loyal, returning customers. Why? Because we believe that clean power customers deserve to be rewarded + we think it’s the key to getting more folks involved in the cause. We’re driven by Mission Clean. 

Differentiate your business from the crowd. CleanPowerPerks is only open to businesses that care about clean power,
so set yourself apart as a responsible business within your community. It’s the way of the future.


Signage + Decals

All Member Businesses receive a Clean Kit, including window decals, countertop signage and flyers for your customers. We make sure you’re well-equipped so CleanPowerPerks can bring you the greatest possible benefit.

Dedicated Webpage

Your business will get its very own webpage on www.CleanPowerPerks.com – ensuring high visibility from our website visitors.


CleanPowerPerks Member Businesses enjoy the traffic that results from multi-channel marketing, including: email, events, social media, web advertising, community-based efforts, mailers, partnerships and beyond.

Premium Members are included in local marketing and advertising efforts.

Perk Facilitation

You pick your perk offering (discount, free gift, charitable donation, special invitation, etc). Then we list it on our website + in the mobile app, which facilitates and tracks customer perk redemptions.

Reports + Data

We’ll send you regular reports with important metrics like the number of perks that have been redeemed and how you compare to other local businesses.

Good Company

Your business will be listed alongside other leading businesses that use clean power, too. Be associated with others across the country as part of our collective: Team Clean. It’s the way of the future.


New Customers

Our marketing doesn’t just get your business name out in the community, we drive actual foot traffic to your store!

Increased Sales

We don’t just talk nice about your business, our mobile app facilitates redemption of your perk – meaning actual customers making purchases in your store.

Positive Association

Marketing + store materials reinforce your position as a clean-powered business. We encourage everyone (Member or not) to Shop Clean by supporting you.

Customer Loyalty

This consumer audience shops based on their values – knowing that you also support clean power + gave them a perk means they’re more likely to return.


“I signed up for CleanPowerPerks so that my business could easily connect with like-minded customers!”

Erin B., Owner, The Center for Green Building

PRICING: Free Basic Membership!

Our Basic membership is free to local businesses using clean power.
Premium membership includes additional marketing benefits for a small monthly fee.

Basic Member Business


Inclusion in list of Member Businesses
Inclusion in perk gallery
Perk facilitation through mobile app
In-store signage + window decal
Digital images for your website
Dedicated webpage
Monthly reporting
– – –
– – –
– – –
– – –
– – –

Premium Member Business

$15 / Month (per location)

Inclusion in list of Member Businesses
Inclusion in perk gallery
Perk facilitation through mobile app
In-store signage + window decal
Digital images for your website
Dedicated webpage with additional information
More detailed monthly reporting
Premium placement on website
Inclusion in Member emails
Inclusion in signing within community
Inclusion in advertising
Promotion of your social media content


We Don't Yet Use Clean Power

In order to qualify for CleanPowerPerks, your business must first use some form of clean power (you have to walk the walk, after all!).

Don’t worry – it’s a piece of cake + there’s an option for every business, even if your landlord handles your energy.


We Already Use Clean Power

Good on ya! You’re one small step away from being a CleanPowerPerks local Member Business.

All you need to do is fill out our signup form with the necessary info + then it’s up to us to get you set up so you can enjoy your perks!


Be a Part of the CleanPowerPerks Collective!

Contact us to learn more, answer questions, or take the next step towards becoming a Member Business.
Complete the form below or contact Founder/CEO Tess O'Brien at 617-918-7656 or tess@cleanpowerperks.com.

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