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We reward clean energy customers and help them
discover businesses + brands that use clean power, too.


Exclusive opportunity for brands that have chosen to support clean energy.


Walk the walk: Choose to support clean power for your operations (green power, on-site solar, RECs, LEED certification, etc). Need to take this first step? We can help – contact us using the form below.

JOIN CleanPowerPerks

Be a part of the collective of our Member Brands – you’ll be in great company. There’s a level to suit you just right, check them out below. Verification of your clean energy commitment required upon enrollment.


You’ll get new like-minded customers, association with the cause and all the data your heart desires. Review the benefits below.

When a company supports the issue consumers care about most, it is rewarded with their trust, loyalty, advocacy, engagement and increased sales.” 2011 Cone/Echo Global CR Opportunity Study

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Benefits for Your Brand

More Customers

Our Members will become your valuable, loyal customers.

Insights from Responsible Consumers

We’ll help you build brand equity amongst the conscious consumer population.

Brand Exposure Related to the Cause

We’ll make sure the consumers who care know that your brand uses clean energy.

Offer the Perk of Your Choice

Economic / Financial

Discounts, free gifts, special offers, sweepstakes, etc.


Special event invitation, exclusive membership levels, etc.


Volunteer opportunities, ability to influence company decision, donation to charity…

CleanPowerPerks answers the commonly asked question from a potential renewable energy customer: “what’s in it for me?”.  Their rewards-based approach should help renewable energy marketers gain some traction with skeptics and hold-outs.”

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