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We reward clean energy customers and help them
discover businesses + brands that use clean power, too.

How it Works

How it Works for Businesses/Brands

Clean-powered businesses join CleanPowerPerksTM in order to translate their clean energy commitment into measurable results. Get promoted to a like-minded consumer audience that wants information about what your business does to advance clean energy. Business memberships are based on the type and size of your business. Any type of retail business (think local coffee shops, web-based stores and national retailers) are welcome to join our network, provided they have chosen clean energy. Don’t yet have clean power? No problem, we can help you do that. Once your business signs up, you get a landing page on the CleanPowerPerks website and are invited to offer your perk of choice (donation, discount code, free gift, sweepstakes, special event invitations, etc.). You’ll also get loads of other benefits – check them out + learn more here.

How it Works for Providers

Clean power providers (utility green power or efficiency programs, green power marketers, green electricity suppliers and solar energy companies) join CleanPowerPerksTM in order to deliver tangible benefits to their customers and get new customer referrals. Provider memberships are based on the type of clean power product you offer and the market dynamics. Once your sign up, your customers get free CleanPowerPerksTM memberships and gain access to our network of rewards! You’ll also get new customer referrals from our marketing efforts and a bunch of other benefits – take a look at those + learn more here.

How it Works for Individuals

In order to be eligible for the CleanPowerPerksTM program, you must have chosen a clean energy option (green power, rooftop solar, etc.) from a participating provider. Once your provider signs up you’ll receive an invitation to activate your CleanPowerPerksTM membership – then you’ll be able to take advantage of the perks! It’s free to you because you’ve already taken the step needed to deserve rewards. Once you become a member you won’t need to take additional steps to earn perks, you’ll have access to our network of perks across the country. We are now accepting member businesses and providers, so let your provider know you want them to sign up! Haven’t yet chosen a provider? No problem, here’s a list of participating providers – sign up for clean power with one of them and get a free CleanPowerPerksTM membership!

Excited for us to launch?  We are too!  Here are things you can do to help make it happen:

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Have a question?  Email us at hello@cleanpowerperks.com and we’ll get back to you shortly!